Irish VAT Returns

Vat returns are a time-consuming aspect of Irish businesses. Incorrect filing and classification of items can cost more than just your valuable time. Fines, penalties and the possibility of a VAT inspection can be avoided with accurate and timely filing and assured compliancy. 

Our experienced staff will prepare and file your VAT returns as they become due, including proper classification of all amounts. At Clancy and Associates, we are experienced in preparing, bi-monthly VAT returns, year-end VAT trading returns (RTD) and where applicable, we will prepare your INTRASTAT and VIES returns for your business.


You must plan out your VAT well, as it is now a large part of the tax system globally.

There has been a global shift in taxation to VAT and other indirect taxes over recent years, most especially by EU countries to stabilise their tax base.

In recent years, there has been a global shift in taxation to VAT and other indirect taxes, most notably by EU countries seeking to stabilize their tax base.

Not least because of the increased attention paid by tax authorities at both the national and international levels, VAT and indirect taxes have grown in importance for multinational corporations in particular. Increasing complexity, primarily due to the constant change in jurisdiction and legislation, as well as a partial lack of harmonization across EU member states, make it more difficult not only to correctly assess any special issues for indirect tax purposes but also to fulfil global VAT and indirect tax obligations.

 Furthermore, it is also clear that the COVID-19 crisis had an impact on the sourcing of businesses with a variety of VAT and indirect tax issues.

With companies facing harsh penalties for noncompliance, such as personal fines for company executives, VAT and indirect taxes have risen to the top of the corporate priority list.

At Clancy & Associates, we offer the support you need to meet your VAT and indirect tax obligations. 


Our VAT Services include:

  • VAT and indirect tax risks must be identified and managed.
  • VAT/customs audit assistance and VAT/customs scanning
  • VAT and indirect tax consulting as a link between VAT/customs law and criminal tax law
  • The impact of VAT and indirect tax compliance on supply chain management and business model optimization (BMO).
  • Providing VAT and indirect tax advice during the merger and acquisition process
  • Full-service consulting on general or specific customs and VAT issues.
  • VAT risk management concepts, including tax compliance management systems advisory (TCMS).
  • Brexit-related VAT and indirect tax advice.
  • VAT consultation services in connection with IT implementations
  • VAT and customs compliance, as well as outsourcing
  • Consultation regarding export control compliance.
  • Assistance with applications for binding tariff information (BTI) and designation as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Ultimately, we also offer custom services regarding VAT. Contact us today.

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