Tax Services

Personal Tax and Planning

Personal tax and tax planning for the future is at the forefront of our service offering. We always stress to our clients to come to us sooner rather than later in order to fully understand that reliefs that exist and how might they avail of them. 

At Clancy and Associates, we offer personal tax advice to a broad ranch of clients from high-net-worth individuals to CEOs of multi million Euro companies. 

Our services include, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Preparation of income tax returns.
  • Submission of Tax Return to the Inspector of Taxes and dealing with any Revenue correspondence.
  • Revenue interventions.
  • Checking certificate of Tax Credits and Cut-off Point for individuals to ensure correct PAYE deducted.
  • Advice regarding mitigation of taxation liabilities (e.g. film investment, pensions, EIIS etc.).
  • Yearly meeting to review taxation and financial planning issues including Pensions, Will, Investments, and the impact of any new or proposed tax legislation.

Our Strategy

Domestic and multinational corporations are all subject to increasingly complex tax rules, increased scrutiny from tax authorities, and a greater obligation to ensure compliance with a complex web of laws. Our global networking experience provides the resources and local knowledge to efficiently handle even the most obscure national compliance requirement.

We can help fast-growing companies and businesses that are expanding internationally for the first time but lack compliance and know-how outside of their home market.

Clients can also benefit from our internal expertise in areas such as connecting to national tax gateways.

We can offer you across all aspects of tax compliance, including:

  • Corporate taxation
  • VAT / indirect tax compliance 
  • Assistance with tax authorities audit
  • Strategic compliance advice
  • Transfer pricing
  • Personal income tax

Clancy & Associates

A Specialist Tax Firm Established In 1998.

The Clancy & Associates team provide a full range of tax and financial planning services to individuals and companies:

  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Personal Finance
  • Film Tax Credit

Clancy & Associates also work with accountants, solicitors and other advisers to support them in delivery of high quality tax advice to their clients.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent tailored service in a professional and approachable manner.

David Clancy & Associates Limited, trading as Clancy & Associates, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

David Clancy & Associates Ltd T/A Clancy & Associates is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland