Pensions And Retirement

A pension is possibly the most important plan you will ever have

Pensions And Retirement Planning

A pension is possibly the most important plan you will ever have when it comes to saving for your future. It is a necessary, flexible, and tax-efficient method of securing your retirement. We can advise you on all aspects of your retirement plan, whether you want to set up a pension for the first time or want to review your existing provisions.

The following are the key elements of retirement planning that Clancy & Associates can assist you with: Setting retirement goals based on your desired retirement age and lifestyle.

Options for post-retirement – annuities or an approved retirement fund (ARFs)

Creating an investment strategy that is appropriate for your risk profile – Keeping pension costs to a minimum

The best pension for you will be determined by your employment status, which includes whether you are self-employed, an employee in the public or private sector, or a company director. Clancy & Associates’ experience and knowledge allow us to recommend the best pension plan for your needs.

Ultimately with us, you can choose any of the  various types of pensions:

  • Personal Pension Plans and Retirement Annuity Contracts 
  •  Pension Plans that are Self-Administered
  • Buy-Out Bonds/Personal Retirement Bonds 
  • AVCs (Additional Voluntary Contributions)
  • Executive Pension Scheme for key employees and Directors.
  • Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)


When establishing a pension, reviewing a pension, or approaching retirement age, it is critical to consider your options for drawing down your pension. An annuity provides a guaranteed income for life, whereas an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) allows you to reinvest and draw from your pension funds as you see fit. ARFs and annuities are subject to rules and regulations, which we can explain to you just you call us today.

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